Photo for Security Research of Udpa with two students.

We have two strong research groups in the area of security. The first is the built environment, such as structures and roads. The new Structural Fire Safety Research Lab is recognized both nationally and globally as a uniquely valuable resource within short order. In the information realm we are expanding the existing strong effort in information security (e.g., proving correctness of large, complex codes, and improving network security).

Strength Areas by Faculty

  • Alocilja-SecuritynanotaggantsEvanglyn C. Alocilja: development of nanoparticle-based biosensors and nanotaggants for product authentication, bioterrorism prevention, and fraud protection. Video - NBC LEARN - Science of Innovation: Anti-Counterfeiting Devices (Air Date: 02/04/2013)
  • Rigoberto Burgueno: development, performance assessment, and implementation of innovative materials to civil infrastructure
  • Anil Jain: pattern recognition, computer vision and biometric recognition
  • Leo Kempel: conformal antennas, engineered materials for microwave applications, and computational electromagnetics
  • Venkatesh Kodur: experimental behavior and analytical modeling of structural systems under extreme fire conditions, constitutive modeling of material properties at elevated temperatures, developing guidelines for fire resistance design of structural systems
  • Andrew Mason: utilizes mixed-signal integrated circuits and microfabrication to addresses challenges in microsystem development for biochemical, neural, and environmental sensing applications
  • Lalita Udpa: nondestructive evaluation (NDE); development of computational models for the forward problem in NDE, signal and image processing, pattern recognition and neural networks, and development of solution techniques for inverse problemsRigoberto Burgueno and Milind Khire
  • Satish Udpa: materials characterization and nondestructive evaluation (NDE); forward models for simulating physical processes underlying several inspection techniques
  • Neil Wright: measuring multi-axial thermophysical properties of Neil Wrightelastomers and biological soft tissues that are subjected to finite multi-axial deformation; thermomechanically-induced damage to proteins, cells, and tissues. biomedical; polymer; nonlinear mechanics

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