We have two expanding research groups in energy; alternative energy sources, including solar cells, thermoelectric materials, and biobased sources, such as transportation studies in composite and hybrid vehicles.
We have several growing research groups in health; nanomedicines for diagnosis and treatment, drug development, system biology approaches and device development (e.g., telemedicine for breast examinations, non-invasive diagnosis of cardio functions).
We have several strong research groups in sustainability; assessments and maintenance in water, land, and air quality, discovering ways to replace heavy use of fossil fuels with newer plant-based technologies.
Our researchers continue developing new materials, both from nanoscale and biomaterials perspectives; nanomedicines, infrastructure security, alternative energy sources, surface coating technology for health and manufacturing problems.
We have two research groups in security; the built environment, such as structures (fire safety research) and roads, as well as information security, proving correctness of large, complex codes, and improving network security. Photo by: MDOT Photo Unit

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