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Photo of a metal distallation column

The Properties, Reactions, and Separations Facility provides outstanding access to expertise in thermodynamics and phase equilibria, catalysis, kinetics, distillation, and reactive distillation.

The facility capabilities include catalyst characterization, kinetics and phase equilibra. The facility features two distillation columns that can be configured in a 10-m bay, a 70L glass reactor for prep of pilot scale reactions, and a 4" wiped film still. The facility has excellent in-house analytical facilities and access to centralized equipment including NMR, IR, and GC-MS.

The facility staff has extensive experience with reactive distillation. Reactive distillation is ideal for reactions that are difficult to drive to completion without separation of one of the products. Such reactions are called 'equilibrium limited'.

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Research News

Our poster presentation for the USDA S1075 multistate meeting, Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy, July 29-30, Golden, CO.
Our poster presentation for the International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design (PPEPPD), May 12-16, 2019, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.