Risk assessment of nanomaterials

  • Graduate student: Christine Robichaud (Environmental Engineering, Duke)
  • Primary Adviser: Dr. Mark Wiesner (Environmental Engineering, Duke)
  • Collaborating Advisor:

In collaboration with researchers at the CEREGE, Christine is developing information on risk-assessment required to analyze total life-cycle issues associated with membrane fabrication, use and disposal. Her initial efforts focus on nano-TiO2 production and an assessment of the potential penetration of the nano-format of this material into the overall market as a basis for estimating potential sources of these materials. She is currently preparing a paper based on this work for submission to Environmental Science and Technology. Her next steps will expand on this source information; we aim to compoile a more detailed set of parameters describing nanoparticle transport phenomena and characterization, and she has continued to research how different environmental conditions affect aggregation and transport of nanomaterials such as C60 fullerenes and fullerol.





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