Imen Zaabar

Imen Zaabar
Teaching Specialist




Dr. Zaabar's research interests are in the areas of pavement response and performance modeling, dynamics of pavements and truck-pavement interaction, pavement surface roughness, infrastructure sustainability and Surface Properties - Vehicle Interaction, pavement preservation, and characterization of asphalt concrete mixtures. Recent research has been focused on (i) models for estimating the effect of pavement surface condition on vehicle operating costs, (ii) infrastructure sustainability, (iii) Surface Properties - Vehicle Interaction,  (iv) assessment of pavement acceptance criteria, (v) the effect of heavy trucks with large axle groups on pavement performance, (vi) the development of roughness diagnosis tools for PMS application, and (vii) dynamic backcalculation of flexible and rigid pavement parameters

Recent Research:

  • USDOT DTRT13-G-UTC44: K. Chatti, “University Transportation Center for Highway Pavement Preservation”, Project sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R).
  • Performance-Related Specifications for Pavement Preservation Treatments”, National Cooperative Highway Research Program of the National Academies (NCHRP 10-82A).
  • Enhanced Analysis of Data for Design and Possible Improvements to FWD Testing, FHWA DTFH61-11-C-00026, Federal Highway Administration.
  • Relationships Between Laboratory-Measured and Field-Derived Properties of Pavement Layers, FHWA - DTFH61-09-C-00007, Federal Highway Administration (with Cornell University)
  • Models for Estimating the Effects of Pavement Condition on Vehicle Operating Costs, NCHRP 1-45, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Academies.
  • Assessment of Pavement Acceptance Criteria and Quantifying its As-constructed Material and Structural Properties, Michigan Department of Transportation.
  • Effect of Michigan Multi-Axle Trucks on Pavement Distress and Profile, Michigan Department of Transportation.
  • Development of a Simple Diagnosis Tool for Detecting Localized Roughness Features”, Michigan Department of Transportation.