Yang Guo

yang guo

Yang Guo

Assistant Professor


Yang Guo's research interests are in manufacturing, materials processing, experimental mechanics, process control and optimization. Current research activities are (1) in-situ full-field measurement of chip plastic flow in machining using high-speed imaging and digital image correlation technique, (2) novel machining processes including modulation assisted machining and constrained machining, and (3) force-based adaptive control and optimization of machining processes.

Prior to joining MSU, Yang Guo worked as a R&D engineer at M4 Sciences LLC, West Lafayette, Indiana. Before that, he was a postdoc research associate at Center for Materials Processing & Tribology at Purdue University.

Research Area
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 2012
M.S., Production Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 2006
M.S., Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2006
B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2003
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H. Yeung, Y. Guo, J.B. Mann, W.D. Compton, S. Chandrasekar, “Effect of low-frequency modulation on deformation and material flow in cutting of metals,” Journal of Tribology 138(1), 012201, 2016.
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A. Mahato, Y. Guo, N. Sundaram, S. Chandrasekar, “Surface folding in metals: a mechanism for delamination wear in sliding,” Proceedings of the Royal Society A 470, 20140297, 2014.
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