Weiyi Lu

Photo of Weiyi Lu
Assistant Professor



Recent Research:

  • Multifunctional Battery Systems for Electric Vehicles - Robust Affordable Next Generation Electric-Vehicle Storage (RANGE), ARPA-e.
  • Mitigating Stress Waves by Nanofoams, Army Research Office.
  • Fluidic Micro-Truss Blast Protection System, HRL and DARPA.
  • Nanoporous Materials Functionalized Liquid for energy absorption, National Science Foundation.

Research Interests:

Dr. Lu's research interests include synthesis, characterization, and novel application of advanced nanomaterials and composites in engineering structures; advanced protection/damping materials, structures, and mechanisms; experimental investigation on high-strain-rate behavior of soft materials/composites; Solid-nanofluid interactions; multifunctional materials such as next generation battery systems for electric vehicles (EV); and advanced biomaterials.