Guowei Wei

Associate Professor


  • Mathematical molecular biosciences; Mathematical biophysics; Variational multiscale models; Ion channel transport; Proton transport; PDE modeling of biomolecular surfaces; Virus capsid modeling.
  • Bioimaging; Geometric flow approaches to images and surfaces; PDE transform; Image edge analysis by coupled PDEs; Bioluminescence tomography.
  • High order interface methods; Matched interface and boundary (MIB); Multidomain interface problems.
  • Modeling and computation of nano-electronic devices; Nanofluidic systems; Nano-bio sensors.
  • Quantum kinetic theory; Transport theory; Quantum Boltzmann equation.
  • Wavelet and local spectral methods for PDEs; Computational electromagnetics; Computational fluid dynamics; Richtmyer-Meshkov instability; Structural analysis.
  • Dynamical systems; Controlling chaos ; Controlling turbulence; Controlling pattern formation.