Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez

Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez
Assistant Professor



I have worked extensively in experimental research of turbulent flows, hydrodynamic instabilities, and compressible flows. In particular, I have explored the fundamental science behind topics relevant to energy systems, aeronautic and hydrodynamic vehicles, geophysical flows, inertial confinement fusion, and astrophysics.

Currently, I am developing research programs in the fields of turbulent mixing in binary flows with large viscosity ratios, Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities driven by surface and/or volumetric energy deposition, and blast-induced traumatic brain injury.

My research requires developing challenging, non-conventional, facilities and experimental diagnostics. I am interested in helping enthusiastic students to reach their full potential through solving problems that are relevant to the advancement of science, technology, and society.

Degree Programs: 
Mechanical Engineering