Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez

Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez
Assistant Professor



My current research focuses on experimental studies of high strain-rate phenomena. My group and I use high-resolution three-dimensional ultrahigh-speed imaging techniques to address complex scientific problems in two major areas:

Laboratory for the Physics of Living Tissue Under Severe Interactions (PLUTSI): we use complex dynamic loading of brain tissue, cell cultures, and surrogate models of the brain to unveil the mechanics of blast-induced and blunt Traumatic Brain Injury, both at the macro- and microscopic levels. We also use patient-specific surrogate models of diseased arteries to study the hemodynamics of human aneurysms.

Laboratory for Turbulence and Hydrodynamic Stability (LaTHyS): we use laser-based techniques to study turbulent mixing in binary flows with large viscosity ratios, Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities driven by surface and/or volumetric energy deposition, and flow through poroelastic materials.

My research requires developing challenging, non-conventional, facilities and experimental diagnostics. I am interested in helping enthusiastic students to reach their full potential through solving problems that are relevant to the advancement of science, technology, and society.

Degree Programs: 
Mechanical Engineering