Michael Rich

Michael Rich
Senior Specialist and Laboratory Manager/Outreach



Senior Specialist and Technical Manager, CMSC Laboratory, since 1986. Conduct and coordinate research in structure, properties, and surface composition of fiber reinforcements; fiber surface treatments for adhesion; composite adhesion bond testing and analysis; mechanical property evaluation of plastics and polymers; processing of thermoplastic and thermoset composites; thermophysical evaluation of plastics, polymers, and composites; aluminum adhesive bonding technology; failure analysis of polymeric materials; polymer composite processing; composite testing and analysis; electron beam processing of carbon fiber composites, bio-absorbable polymers and composites for human tissue engineering, and non-destructive inspection of adhesive bonds and joints. Significantly engaged in outreach activities assisting in the translation of aerospace composite technologies to the transportation, recreation, and durable goods industries. Managerial duties of present position include facilities design and oversight of the CMSC Laboratories and the supervision of the technical staff of CMSC. A list of duties include equipment and instrument evaluation, calibration, maintenance, and repair, instruction to students and off-campus users to polymer and composite test protocols and data interpretation, and development of new analytical methods for material evaluation. Coordinates the technical efforts of CMSC personnel currently consisting of one full-time technician and six doctoral staff and visiting scientists. Oversees the use of CMSC Laboratories by approximately fifty graduate students 20 faculty that have 24-hour access to the facility. 1977-1986 Task Leader, University of Dayton Research Institute, with research thrust of interphase properties of carbon fiber:epoxy composites for advanced aerospace structures. On-site contractor to US Air Force Materials Laboratory, Non-metallic Materials Division. Supervised the work of a team of technical specialist in the thermophysical and mechanical evaluation of advanced structural composites used in aerospace application. Promoted four times in eight years to positions of greater responsibility and management.

Degree Programs: 
Materials Science and Engineering