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Phanikumar Mantha

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Phanikumar Mantha



Research interests in Dr. Mantha's group are centered on water (quantity and quality) and environmental flow and transport processes. Recent research addressed questions involving the fate and transport of chemical and biological agents in different hydrologic units in the Great Lakes region of North America (watersheds, rivers and streams, lakes and groundwater). Two general research themes of current interest are: (a) Integrated hydrologic modeling and (b) Environmental fluid mechanics.

Elected Fellow, Geological Society of America, 2013
Lilly Teaching Fellow, Michigan State University, 2004
Project Member, Outstanding Remediation Project Award, NGWA, 2002
Professor C.V. Raman Young Scientist Award, India, 1996
Ph.D., Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Sciences, Indian Institute of Science 1990
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University 1984
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H. Qiu, P. Blaen, S. Comer‐Warner, D.M. Hannah, S. Krause, M.S. Phanikumar, Evaluating a coupled phenology – surface energy balance model to understand stream – subsurface temperature dynamics in a mixed‐use farmland catchment, Water Resources Research, vol. 55(2), pp. 1675 - 1697, doi: 10.1029 / 2018WR023644 (2019)
J. Zhang, H. Qiu, X. Li, J. Niu, M.B. Nevers, X. Hu and M.S. Phanikumar, Real-time nowcasting of microbiological water quality at recreational beaches: A wavelet and artificial neural network-based hybrid modeling approach, Environmental Science & Technology, 52, 8446-8455, doi: 10.1021/acs.est.8b01022 (2018)
A. Safaie, E. Litchman and M.S. Phanikumar, Evaluating the role of groundwater in circulation and thermal structure within a deep, inland lake, Advances in Water Resources, vol. 108, pp. 310-327, doi: 10.1016/j.advwatres.2017.08.002 (2017)
T.D. Nguyen, N. Hawley and M.S. Phanikumar, Ice Cover, Winter Circulation and Exchange in Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, Limnology and Oceanography, 62(1), pp. 376-393, doi: 10.1002 / lno.10431 (2017)
A. Safaie, C. Dang, H. Qiu, H. Radha and M.S. Phanikumar, Manifold Methods for Assimilating Geophysical and Meteorological Data in Earth System Models and their Components, Journal of Hydrology, vol. 544, pp. 383-396, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol. 2016.11.009 (2017)
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D.A. Shively, M.B. Nevers, C. Breitenbach, M.S. Phanikumar, K. Przybyla-Kelly, A.M. Spoljaric, R.L. Whitman, Prototypic Automated Continuous Recreational Water Quality Monitoring of Nine Chicago Beaches, J. Environmental Management, 166, pp. 285-293 (2016)