Joerg Petrasch


Joerg Petrasch

Associate Professor


Joerg Petrasch received his M.S. and PhD from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He completed his PhD research on the tomography-based modeling of reactive flows in porous structures applied to solar chemical fuel production in 2007. He has worked as a numerical analyst and consulting engineer in the chemical, construction, and energy industries. In 2009 he joined the faculty of the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor. There, he helped to build a successful solar thermochemistry program. Between 2012 and 2017 he was the Illwerke-VKW Founding Professor for Energy Efficiency and Director of the Energy Research Center at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV), Austria. In this role, he was responsible for initializing, developing, and building the energy program. After a stint as an entrepreneur running his own process engineering company from 2017 to 2018, Dr. Petrasch is currently an Associate Professor at MSU. His research interests are: chemical storage of renewable energy, tomography-based numerical and experimental methods for energy applications, micro-structured functional materials for energy applications as well as demand side management, control, and short-term buffering of sustainably generated energy.

Awarded $2M Arpa-E DOE Project 2021
Aluminium Award: Award of the Swiss aluminum industry 2002
PhD Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
M.S. Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
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