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Wei Liao

Wei Liao

Wei Liao




  • Biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials such as straws, corn stover, wood residues etc. to produce mono-sugars.
  • High density enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials to enhance sugar yield and sugar concentration.
  • Development of innovative anaerobic digestion systems to convert animal wastes to renewable energy and other bioproducts.
  • Organic acid production from lignocellulosic materials using fungal fermentation.
  • Simulating bioprocesses such as organic acids production, anaerobic digestion, ethanol fermentation etc., considering both technical and economic aspects.
  • Genetic modification of yeast to develop a strain that is able to tolerance high ethanol concentration.


  • BE 825 Properties of Biological Materials
  • BE 360 Microbial Systems Engineering
  • BE468 Biomass Conversion Engineering
Ph.D., Biological Systems Engineering, December 2005, Washington State University
M.S., Biotechnology, December 1996, Wuxi University of Light Industry, China
B.S., Fermentation Engineering & Technology, July 1994, Wuxi University of Light Industry, China
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