M. Emin Kutay

Associate Professor



Dr. Kutay's background and interests are primarily on experimental and numerical investigation of fundamental material behavior of asphalt pavements and granular materials. His research focuses on improvement of the AASHTO Superpave mix design, understanding and better prediction of fatigue cracking in asphalt pavements using state-of-the-art techniques such as the Viscoelastic Continuum Damage (VECD) Theory and development of tools to improve understanding of permanent deformation (rutting) characteristics of asphalt pavements. His other research interests include pavement surface characteristics such as smoothness, tire/pavement noise and splash/spray.

Research Focus Areas:

  • Applications of 2D and 3D imaging techniques
    • Microstructural characterization of asphalt pavements
    • Image-based measurement technologies
  • Sustainable asphalt pavements
    • Crumb rubber modified asphalt
    • Warm mix asphalt
  • Inverse analysis from field non-destructive testing
    • Backcalculation of dynamic modulus mastercurve of asphalt pavements
    • Linear and Nonlinear properties of base/subgrade
  • Constitutive modeling of asphalt pavements (e.g., Viscoelastic Continuum Damage (VECD) Theory)
  • 3D micromechanical modeling
    • Asphalt mixture compaction
    • Warm mix asphalt mixing/coating process
    • Saturated and unsaturated fluid flow through porous media

Courses Taught:

  • CE312 - Soil Mechanics
  • CE838 - Bituminous Materials
  • CE815 - Slope Stability and Stabilization Techniques
  • CE495 - Senior (Capstone) Design - Geotechnical