Seungdo Kim

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Seungdo Kim

Associate Research Professor


Life cycle assessment, bioenergy, biopolymers, life cycle inventory
database, industrial ecology

Research Area
Submission Editor in International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2009 - present)
S. Kim, B.E. Dale, and P. Keck, "Energy Requirements and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Maize Production in the USA," BioEnergy Research, 10.1007/s12155-013-9399-z.
P.L. Eranki, D.H. Manowitz, B.D. Bals, R.C. Izaurralde, S. Kim, and B.E. Dale, "The watershed-scale optimized and rearranged landscape design (WORLD) model and local biomass processing depots for sustainable biofuel production: An integrated life cycle assessment," Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining 7, 537-550 (2013).
S. Kim, B.E. Dale, and R.C. Ong, "An alternative approach to indirect land use change: Allocating greenhouse gas effects among different uses of land", Biomass and Bioenergy 46, 447-452 (2012).