Kaisen Lin

Dr. Kaisen Lin

Kaisen Lin

Assistant Professor


Dr. Kaisen Lin leads research activities of the Lin Aerosol Lab. The Lin Aerosol Lab studies the environmental behavior of bioaerosols and the lung deposition of inhalable particles. Specifically, the lab studies (1) the emission, transport, and decay of airborne pathogens, and (2) the deposition location and dose of particulate matter in human respiratory tracts. Results from the group will advance understanding on human exposure to air pollutants and help address health-related air pollution issues.

Research Interests

  • Bioaerosols 
  • Indoor air quality
  • Particle exposure and health risks
Research Area
Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self Finance Student Abroad (2021)
UC Davis Professors of the Future Fellowship (2021)
Virginia Tech Via Teaching Fellowship (2019)
Virginia Tech Pratt Fellowship (2016)
Zhejiang University Excellent Undergraduate Thesis (2013)
Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech 2020
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech 2016
B.S., Agricultural Resources and Environments, Zhejiang University (China) 2013
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