Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza

Assistant Professor


Because of graduate and post-graduate studies advisers, Dr. Mendoza-Cortes' academic great grandparents are Marie Curie and Paul Dirac. 

Dr. Mendoza's research has been featured in Forbes magazine, CNBC, Public Radio, MRS Bulletin, C&EN News, Laser Focus World magazine, and the DOE Highlights. His research has been disseminated through 53 invited talks both nationally and internationally. Dr. Mendoza's research has received funding from NSF, DOE, DOD, APS, Sloan Foundation, to name a few.

Dr. Mendoza was awarded the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Newcomb Cleveland Award, this Society's oldest and most prestigious award; the International Center for Material Research (ICMR) fellowship; and the Roberto Rocca Fellowship. More recently, he has been awarded the ONR Faculty Fellowship (2017), and the Carl Storm Fellowship (2018). In 2018, he was named an Emerging Investigator by the Royal Society of Chemistry and was named a 2020 and 2021 Scialog Fellow.

Our objective is to form renaissance scientists and engineers. In a similar fashion, we attack problems with a renaissance approach, where we combine several areas of knowledge, independently of their formal separation by the human mind. 

Current Main Research Interests: Quantum and Atomistic Simulations, Machine Learning, Condensed Matter Theory, Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Material Sciences, Scientific Computing, Quantum Computing Algorithms, Energy/Materials.

Our expertise is in quantum simulations, Materials by Design, Multiscale Simulations, Big Data, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Algorithms. 

Our research philosophy focuses on attacking problems in engineering and pure sciences and developing methods needed to solve them. 

My research focuses on the development and application of numerical techniques to study structural, electronic, transport and optical properties of materials, low-dimensional systems and nanostructures. Computer simulations performed in my group have addressed physical and chemical properties of 2D-materials, porous materials, catalysts, nanotubes, polymers, catalytic/metallic/magnetic clusters and molecular machines.

Scialog fellow (50 faculty/year including the USA and Canada), 2020, 2021, 2022
Emerging Investigator by the Royal Society (RSC), 2018
Carl Storm Fellowship, Gordon Research Conference, 2018
ONR Summer Faculty Research Fellow, 2017
AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, 2007. AAAS's oldest and most prestigious award (AAAS = American Association for the Advancement of Science)
PDF, University of California, Berkeley & Berkeley National Lab, 2014
Staff Scientist, California Institute of Technology & Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, 2013
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 2012
M.Sc., California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 2010
B.Sc., Tec de Monterrey (ITESM), 2008. University of California, Los Angeles, 2006-2008
Dr. Mendoza's publications have over 7,644 total citations to date (average citations per paper = 165, h-index = 26, i10-index = 39, Erdős number = 5)
“Role of spin currents on electron-electron interaction in the quantum spin Hall phase’, Physical Review B, 2022.
"Low temperature activation of inert hexagonal boron nitride for metal deposition and single atom catalysis", Materials Today, 2021.
"Stabilizing polymer electrolytes in high-voltage lithium batteries", Nature Communications, 2021.
“Interatomic potentials for large deformation pathways and fracture of 2D materials” Nature Computational Materials, 2021.