Sanghyup Jeong

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Assistant Professor



Dr. Jeong’s expertise is in the field of Food Safety Engineering. His research interests are  developing nonthermal/thermal food safety intervention technologies, microbial modeling, and process optimization techniques to reduce the risk of foodborne disease. Recent research activities are focused on fresh produces/low-moisture food safety, food irradiation, and process optimization/scale-up techniques which are reflected in various research projects:

(As a PI)

  1. Understanding Bacterial Dry Transfer Mechanism during Nut Processing (Federal).
  2. Preventing and Reducing Salmonella Attachment on Dry Surfaces (Nonprofit, worldwide).
  3. Inactivation of Salmonella on Raw Nuts Using Low-Energy X-ray (Nonprofit, worldwide).
  4. Enhancing Commercialization of Low-energy X-ray Food Irradiator (State).

(As a Co-PI)

  1. An Integrated Approach to Enhancing The Safety of Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetable Salads during Processing, Packaging, and Distribution (Federal).
  2. Factor Affecting Pasteurization Efficacy for Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods (Federal).
  3. Improving Process Validation for Multiple Pasteurization Technologies Applied to Low-Moisture Foods (Federal).
  4. Modeling the Microbiological Effect of Low-energy X-ray Irradiation on Ground Beef Patties (State, private)
  5. Improved Process Validation Strategies for Salmonella Inactivation on Low-Moisture Food Products Subjected to Thermal Pasteurization Processes (Nonprofit, worldwide)
  6. Quantifying the performance of Pediococcus spp. (NRRL B-2354) as a Non-pathogenic Surrogate for Salmonella Entritidis PT30 (Commodity group)
  7. Modeling the Microbiological Effect of Low-Energy X-ray Irradiation on Ground Beef Patties (Private).