Mahmoodul Haq

Photo of Mahmoodul Haq
Assistant Professor of CEE; Adjunct Assistant Professor of ECE, ChEMS and ME



Research Interests:

(a) Multi-material joining: Development of robust structural joints (adhesives, bolted, hybrid, reversible) consisting of composites and dissimilar materials with improved mechanical properties, enhanced damage resistance, along with sensing and healing capabilities. (b) Computational design of materials and structures: multi-scale simulations and establishing structure-property relationships and modeling of key phenomena of composites and hybrid materials. (c) Application of non-destructive tools for health monitoring and repair of structural joints and other structural components, including embedded fiber-optic sensors, guided wave sensing, digital image correlation, IR thermography, thermo-elastic stress analysis and optical techniques. (d)  Development of tailorable, multi-functional, eco-friendly, and hybrid materials for aerospace, marine, defense, automotive and other structural applications. (e) Implementation of novel nanocomposite materials (graphene, nanotubes, nanoclays, etc.) to introduce multi-functionality in conventional engineering materials. (f) Development of design tools (charts, guidelines, thumb-rules) for novel materials and structural components through integration of simulations and experiments using innovative measurement and experimental techniques.

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Structural Analysis (CE 305)


  • Khomenko A, Haq M, and Cloud G., “Scanning interferometry technique for through-thickness defect/ damage evaluation in multi-layered transparent structures.” U.S. Prov. Patent App. No. 62/041,415.
  • Haq, M and Drzal LT. “Novel, Multi-Impact, Energy Absorbing, Repairable Helmets,” Invention Disclosure Ref. TEC2013-0085.
Employment Other Departments: 
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering