Sunil Chakrapani

Sunil Chakrapani

Sunil Chakrapani

Assistant professor


Dr. Sunil Kishore Chakrapani is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a joint appointment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University, East Lansing USA. He graduated from Iowa State University with PhD and MS majoring in Engineering Mechanics. Subsequently he spent three years working as a Postdoc at the Center for NDE Iowa State restarting the nonlinear ultrasonics group. Dr. Chakrapani has over 10 years of experience in Nondestructive Evaluation working at various labs including both the Center for NDE at Iowa State and at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Dr. Chakrapani’s research interests include:


- Nonlinear ultrasonics 

  • Nonlinear vibrations and ultrasonic wave propagation
  • Nonlinear material property characterization

- Nondestructive material characterization and evaluation

  • Inversion of material stiffness
  • Ultrasonic attenuation

- Sensor Development

  • Air-coupled ultrasonics
  • Structural Health monitoring systems
  •  Transducer characterization and calibration

- Finite element modeling

  • Composites modeling 
  • Numerical simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation 
  • NDE driven design 

- Composite materials: Design, testing, and NDE

Research Area
Research Excellence Award from Iowa State University (2014)
B.E, Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
M.S, Engineering Mechanics, Iowa State University
PhD, Engineering Mechanics, Iowa State University
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S. K. Chakrapani, (2017). "Nonlinear laminated plate theory for determination of third order elastic constants and acoustic nonlinearity parameter of fiber reinforced composites", Composite Structures, Vol. 180, pp: 276-285 (2017)
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