Daina Briedis

Diana Briedis

Daina Briedis

Emeritus Associate Professor


Assessment and Evaluation

Engineering Pedagogy


Engineering Identity

Research Area
Fellow of the AIChE, ABET, and ASEE
ABET Adjunct Director
Facilitator of ABET Program Assessment Workshops and Program Evaluator Training
Outstanding Professor Award (elected by students) 2006, 1997, 1989, 1986
Withrow Teaching Excellence Award, 1998
Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University 1981
B.S., Engineering Science, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 1978
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Walton, S.P., D. Briedis, M. Urban-Lurain, T.J. Hinds, C. Davis-King, and T. Wolff, “Building the Whole Engineer: An Integrated Academic and Co-Curricular First-Year Experience,” Proc. Of the 2013 ASEE Conference and Exposition, Atlanta, GA, June 23-26, 2013.
Woods, D.R., D. Briedis, A. Perna, “Professional Skills Needed by Our Graduates,” Chemical Engineering Education, 47(2):81 (2013).
Briedis, D., C. McDonough, J. Sticklen, T. Wolff, and N. Ehrlich, “The EEES/Connector Faculty Program: Surveys of Attitudes, Experience and Evaluations,” Proc. of the 2010 ASEE Conference and Exposition, Louisville, KY, June 20-23, 2010.