Project Overview

What is this project all about?

Project Activities

  • Develop simulations for the web to illustrate the basics of achieving conduction with fillers
  • Develop a new experiment for lab course on blocking gas permeation through plastic with fillers
  • Develop and run workshop for industry on polymer nanocomposites
  • Initiate summer projects by juniors on polymer nanocomposites
  • Add web module describing lab experiments on permeation and conduction and results obtained in summer
    projects and in the lab course
  • Add web module describing green nanocomposites

Short Term Outcomes

  • Better understanding of nanocomposite properties by students
  • Increased interest and enrollment in lab course
  • Use of web modules at other universities

Long Term Outcomes

  • Integration of nanocomposites in curriculum
  • Improvement of nanotechnology utilization by industry
  • Widespread awareness among students including those in high school