J. Elwood Arnold

J. Elwood Arnold (BS '33, MS '34, Metallurgy) of Austin, Texas, died on August 22, 2011. Born in Mount Vernon, S.D., on May 16, 1910, Arnold grew up on the family farm in Bedford, Pa.

Arnold began his professional career at South Dakota State University where he met and married Ruby E. De Otte. They moved to New Orleans, La., where he taught courses at Tulane University and later at Pittsburgh University in Pennsylvania. In 1943, Arnold moved to San Diego, Calif., where he worked for Consolidated Vultee Aircraft, later Convair and General Dynamics.

In 1945 he and his family moved to Daingerfield, Texas, where Arnold headed one of the United States' first supersonic wind tunnels, the Ordnance Aero Physics Laboratory, run for the U.S. Navy by General Dynamics. This "temporary" assignment lasted from 1945 until 1968. Following the closing of the lab, Arnold took an early retirement in 1970.

While pursuing his professional career, Arnold was active in community services. He was a member and later president of the Daingerfield School Board and was on the board of directors of the Daingerfield State Bank. He was actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America, serving as president of the Netoseo Trails Council and was a tireless fundraiser for the Scouts for 40 years. In addition to his dedication to the Boy Scouts, Arnold was active in local and regional Lions Club activities. He received numerous service awards from that organization, including the Melvin Jones Fellow, Lion of the Year, and the Harry Reasonover Award.

Arnold, who was the last survivor of five children, was preceded in death by his wife, Ruby, and his youngest son, Franklin. He is survived by his daughter, Nanci D. Arnold, of Austin, Texas, and a son, James Arnold, of San Angelo, Texas, as well as his daughter-in-law, Nancy C. Arnold, and nine grandchildren.