Kaman Family Shows Spartan Spirit

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May 22, 2012

John Kaman (BS Chem Egr '76) and his family are die-hard Spartans. That's because not only did John graduate from MSU, his wife, Anne took MSU classes in '86 and '87. Their daughter, Jessica, graduated from MSU in '09, and their two sons are currently enrolled at MSU - Tom, slated to graduate in '13, and Jeff in '15. This fall the license plates on all four of the Kaman cars needed to be renewed.

"So, in the true spirit of an MSU family, I followed a brainstorm I had; Mark Hollis would be proud," explained Kaman. He took the "MSU Fight Song," picked four key phrases, abbreviated them, and put them on the four license plates. They are: GRT4MSU, PTSGRW, WTHVIM and VY4MSU.

Do you get it? If not, sing the song to yourself and you'll see how they fit in!

MSU Trivia: The "MSU Fight Song" was written by Bay City engineering student Francis Irving Lankey, class of 1916. Read more