1,750 first-year Spartan Engineers start college journey

​Engineering’s new class reinforces college’s popularity 

Michigan State University’s College of Engineering is known for being one of the most sought-after colleges on campus among first-year students. 

Sparty with first-year students at 2023 Colloquium
Sparty welcomes first-year students at Colloquium

This year will be no exception. 

More than 1,750 first-year Spartan Engineering students are expected to join the college this academic year. 

Together with MSU’s Broad College of Business (1,950 students), the College of Social Science (1,205) and the College of Natural Science (1,165), the four colleges account for more than 60 percent of Michigan State’s entering first-year class.

Freshman Rishabh Bhattarai, a computer science major, attended the Aug. 25 Colloquium celebration at Breslin Center. He appreciated the College of Engineering's efforts to make him feel welcome.

​To me, the overall definition of engineering is 'Trying to solve a problem,'" Bhattarai said. "We're all as students looking for ways to solve problems in the world." 

There are plenty of opportunities in the coming weeks for Spartan Engineering students to learn more about the college and university.

Student groups welcome first-year students at 2023 Colloquium

Other upcoming Fall events:

• First day of Fall Semester classes – Aug. 28

• EGRID (Engineering Inclusion and Diversity) Open House – Aug. 28-29

• Partners Showcase: Freshman Extravaganza – Sept. 6

• Industry Days – Sept. 11-14

• MSU Sales Leadership Career Fair – Sept. 19 

For the latest calendar of events, check out the online Engineering Calendar.

Safety is priority at MSU, with information and updates available at: dpps.msu.edu or idoffice.msu.edu.

Enrollment remains strong

First-year students had plenty of fun Aug. 25 at Colloquium.
This fall semester marks the second year in a row the college has drawn more than 1,700 first-year students. 

It’s a group composed of students from around the world that’s driven by strong academic standards, said Assistant Dean for Recruitment and K-12 Outreach Drew Kim.

“Our student body and current growth speaks a lot about our faculty and the programs we offer,” Kim said. “We all work closely together to deliver what the students need and want.”

First-year students had confetti shot at them during Colliquium at Breslin About the college

MSU’s College of Engineering is one of the largest and oldest colleges on campus, dating back to the first field of study – Mechanic Arts – in 1885.

Its strength is found in its academic departments and programs, 240 tenure-system faculty, $54 million in research expenditures, and around 7,000 students.

Strong connections to industry and government help MSU Engineering develop the talent to help drive the economy of Michigan and beyond.  

For more information, visit the website and follow the college’s social platforms on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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