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Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (CCD)

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Facility Description
The Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies, in partnership with Michigan State University, provides innovative R&D services based on its expertise in coating and diamond technology.
Research Area
Center Director
Thomas Schuelke
Phone: (517) 432-8709

Michigan State University
Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies
1449 Engineering Research Court, Room B100
East Lansing MI 48823

The United States and Germany are ranked among the most innovative economies in the Global Competitiveness Index of 2014-15. At the MSU-Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (CCD), we believe that this success is driven by the continually successful transformation of fundamental research into viable customer solutions through applied research and development programs. CCD is operated jointly by Michigan State University (MSU) and Fraunhofer USA Inc. in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Beam Technology (IWS) in Dresden, Germany.

CCD offers applied research and development services to a broad range of customers from industry and government. Interdisciplinary project teams of engineers, scientists, faculty and students at CCD apply science to serve client-driven technology needs in the areas of diamond and coating technologies. CCD’s value proposition is to provide access to comprehensive technical core competences (process, materials, systems), ongoing scientific innovation, high quality project management and a broad range of personnel, laboratory and partnership resources (see figure). Key resources include a highly educated and experienced workforce, laboratory and equipment resources and a strong partnership network.