BME/IQ Speaker: John Salvato, PhD

Event Date/Time: 
December 7, 2018 - 11:00am
Event Location: 
IQ Atrium (775 Woodlot Dr)
John Salvato
NPD Implementation Practices from Global Firms Developing Complex, Physical Products

Firms have begun to intersperse elements of Agile, as popularized from software development, to create an Agile – Stage Gate Management (ASGM) hybrid for the organization of product development. Agile practitioners believe in waste reduction, customer focus, and nimble project teams, which, for software products, has delivered positive business outcomes. For physical products, do these Agile tenets produce similar results? A Grounded Theory study was performed to inductively create theory around ASGM implementation. From interviews with experienced NPD professionals at global firms, profound insights were discovered. Utilizing a Content Analysis and comparative Multi-Case study methodology, the secrets of Agile/Scrum implementation, including the business successes realized, were unlocked, along with a new, unique ASGM framework for physical products.