December 2016 Media Report

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Jan. 4, 2017

IN THE NEWS -- MSU College of Engineering

December 2016 Media Report

MSU Engineering was showcased in national media coverage in December, especially from two stories that appeared in media ranging from the Christian Science Monitor to the Chronicle of Philanthropy to the Associated Press.

MSU Engineering received its largest individual gift in the history of the college from California entrepreneur John R. Koza - a $12.7 million commitment for the college and the BEACON Center.

The MSU College of Engineering received its largest individual gift in the history of the college. A $10.7 million bequest from California entrepreneur John R. Koza joins a previous cash gift of $2 million, bringing his total giving to $12.7 million to support the college and the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action.
• The Associated Press moved the story across the U.S., 12.8.2016
• The Chronicle of Philanthropy ran the story on 12.12.2016
WKAR interviewed Erik Goodman and Wolfgang Banzhof on the gift and the future of genetic programming, 12.12.2016

• Here is a sampling of media stories. (Some links only stay active a short time.)
Albany Times Union, 12.8.2016
Bristol Herald Courier, 12.8.2016
College News Now, 12.8.2016
dBusiness, 12.8.2016
Detroit Free Press, 12.8.2016, 12.8.2016
Houston Chronicle, 12.8.2016
Iron Mountain Daily News, 12.8.2016
Lansing State Journal, 12.8.2016
Lynchburg, Va., News Advance, 12.8.2016
Michigan Tech News, 12.8.2016
Midland Daily News, 12.8.2016
MLive, 12.8.2016
MSU Today, 12.8.2016
My San Antonio, 12.8.2016
Morning Times (Pennsylvania), 12.8.2016
Northern Michigan TV 9 & 10, 12.8.2016
Oceana, Mich., Herald Journal, 12.8.2016
San Francisco Chronicle, 12.8.2016
Seattle PI, 12.8.2106
S.C. Now, 12.8.2016
The Republic, 12.8.2016
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 12.8.2016
Technology Century (ESD), 12.8.2016
UpperMichigan’s Source, 12.8.2016
Washington Times, 12.8.2016
WJRT TV 12 Flint, 12.8.2016
WTOL TV 11 Toledo, 12.8.2016
WJR Detroit
50, 12.8.2016 

Research by Nelson Sepulveda, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, on flexible devices that capture energy from human motion continues to move around the country and the world.Research by Nelson Sepulveda, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, captures energy from human motion - and is also capturing the attention of media around the world.
Christian Science Monitor
, 12.11.2016
CoExist, 12.15.2016
Computer World, 12.9.2016
EurekAlert!, 12.9.2016
Financial Express, 12.12.2016
I4U News, 12.9.2016
Inverse, 12.11.2016
Inquirer, 12.12.2016
iTechPost, 12.11.2016
Michigan Radio, 12.9.2016
Monitor Daily, 12.9.2016
MSU Today, 12.9.2016
NanoWerk, 12.9.2016
Nature World News, 12.12.2016
NewsWise, 12.9.2016
Phys.Org, 12.9.2016
R & D Magazine, 12.9.2016
Science Alert, 12.16.2016
Science Daily, 12.9.2016
Science World Report, 12.13.2016
Space Daily, 12.13.2016
Tech Times, 12.10.2016, 12.9.2016
Voice of America, 12.12.2016

Also, Nelson Sepulveda is featured in MSU’s newest national commercial, which is currently playing on the BTN network during Spartan sports. View the new video, "What Makes A Spartan A Spartan" and brief comments by Nelson Sepulveda: “We can accomplish any goal.” 

University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Anil Jain continues to attract national media attention. Some of his new and continuing stories include:

• Eye and fingerprint scanners will double by 2021, Jain predicts. "Given the price sensitivity in the automobile sector and long design to manufacturing cycle, it is difficult to adopt the latest biometric technology in the auto sector."
Tech Republic, 12.1.2016

• Is fingerprinting your phone a good idea?
Cobb Business Journal, 12.5.2016

• How to beat a fingerprint scanner
UnDark, 12.8.2016

• Biometric authentication growing for mobile devices, but security needs work, 12.7.2016
Longview News Journal, 12.8.2016

• Jain is named to Thomson Reuters most highly cited researchers in the world
Fox 47 News Lansing, 12.13.2016
MSUToday, 12.12.2016

• Facebook facial recognition goes on trial. “The question is what they store in the database,” explains Jain.
IEEE Spectrum, 12.29.2016 

Other December media -- 

James F. Klausner, chair of mechanical engineering, has joined the board of the new International Titanium Foundation to support student involvement and research in the titanium metal industry.
Modern Metals, 12.28.2016

"Frosty the Cyanos" won a bronze medal, with the help of a ChEMS faculty member.“Frosty the Cyanos” wins a bronze medal! MSU’s inaugural team at a premier synthetic biology competition took a third place for contributing a new cyanobacterial part. ChEMS assistant professor Tim Whitehead served as PI.
MSUToday, 12.20.2016 

The AP reported MSU is planning a new building “that’s designed to bolster the university’s efforts to support growth in STEM-related fields with research.” MSU approved construction of the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building on Dec. 16, which is expected to cost about $100 million and be finished in August 2019.
ASEE First Bell, 12.19.2016
Indiana Ag Connection, 12.19.2016
MSUToday, 12.16.2016


Social media highlighted coverage on Fall 2016 Design Day, which included 25,000 views of photos related to Design Day. See Dean Leo Kempel and student participants in the MSUToday video. Additionally, WILX TV 10 Lansing did a story, among other media mentions. Design Day was the MSU Pride Point on Dec. 9.
MSUToday, 12.16.2016 

Annick Anctil, Joyce Chai, Mehrnaz Ghamami, and Mi Zhang were among researchers funded in the new round of Science and Society at State (S3) grants. S3 has awarded a total of 34 grants to promote interdisciplinary scholarship and new collaborations on the MSU campus.
MSUToday, 12.16.2016 

Two from the College of Engineering were among nine students honored by the MSU Board of Trustees for perfect 4.0 GPAs. Honored were Rachael Acker (mechanical engineering, and Adam Schoonmaker (computer science).
MSUToday, 12.16.2016 

Civil engineering junior and Arabic language major Surayya Maultsby received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study Arabic language and culture for six months in Amman, Jordan, this spring.
MSUToday, 12.16.2016 

BTN Year in Review includes robotic fish research by Xiaobo Tan and his research team in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
MSUToday, 12.13.2016 

Balaram K. “B.K.” Singh (MS ’64 CIVIL)
is honored for 51.5 years with as an engineer with the Michigan Department of Transportation. His tenure is currently the second longest in Michigan.
Detroit Free Press, 12.14.2016
Lansing State Journal, 12.14.2016 

MSU Pride Points
• Dec. 9: Projects of 140 engineering and computer science teams will be shown for Design Day in the Engineering Building.
Dec. 30: Civil engineering and Arabic language major Surayya Maultsby received a scholarship to study in Jordan this spring. 

Some links only stay active for a short period of time.
Patricia Mroczek, Communications Manager
MSU College of Engineering