James Klausner

James Klausner
Professor, Chair of Mechanical Engineering



James Klausner's research interests focus on thermal, chemical, and fluid transport in a variety of applications including, energy, processing, thermal management, desalination, powder flow, cryogenics, and bioengineering. He has done extensive fundamental work on the dynamics of phase change phenomena, including nucleation and bubble dynamics. He is very interested in sustainable engineering processes and is currently working on using sunlight, water, recycled CO2, and biomass as possible inputs to thermochemical reactors for synthetic fuel production, such as hydrogen and higher order hydrocarbons as the output. Highly concentrated solar radiation is used to drive high temperature thermo-chemical conversion processes. He is also working on using low grade waste heat and un-concentrated solar energy for low temperature desalination. He has developed a number of phase-change thermal management processes that operate at unprecedented heat fluxes. He has a strong interest in light metals processing and energy efficient advanced manufacturing. He has nine patents and copyrights that resulted from his research work.

Prior to joining MSU, James Klausner was an Ebaugh Professor at the University of Florida and also served three years as a Program Director at the U.S. Department of Energy, ARPA-E. He is very active with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and served as Chair of the Heat Transfer Division.