Creating more PhDs in chemical engineering

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Aug. 12, 2014

The Michigan State University College of Engineering and two educational partners in India will collaborate to create more PhD-level chemical engineers while expanding the international research capacity at all three institutions. Ramani Narayan, MSU University Distinguished Professor of chemical engineering and materials science, is leading an effort with Professor S.S. Bhagwat of ICT Mumbai, and MSU's Mary Ann Walker and Acting Dean Leo Kempel of the MSU College of Engineering to create more doctoral-level PhDs in India.

Beginning in 2015, MSU Engineering, India’s Central Institute of Plastics Engineering Technology (CIPET) and the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai will focus on advancing research, training, and industry outreach for up to eight doctoral students at CIPET and up to another 10 at ICT Mumbai.

CIPET is an Indian government agency focused on the growth of polymers, plastics and allied industries. ICT Mumbai is an institute that specializes in various branches of chemical engineering, chemical technology, and pharmacy research and training.

Ramani Narayan, MSU University Distinguished Professor of chemical engineering and materials science, said the relationship between the three institutions has a strong potential to double research and student productivity at a time when engineering and technology needs are rising.

Narayan said MSU and its Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science would benefit by obtaining high quality students, with the required background and expertise, as well as some research experience. It will further the establishment of international collaboration and expand complimentary research areas, he said.

Narayan noted that the two institutions have been collaborating with the MSU College of Engineering since 2009. He anticipates MSU, CIPET and ICT will exchange students and faculty members as the collaboration grows.

“We are focused on increasing the number of Ph.D. students and professionals who can advance the interests of polymers and other material sciences. This global opportunity is welcomed on the campuses in both the U.S. and India.”