Christian M. Lastoskie recipient of the Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award


ABSTRACT CTS-9733086 Lastoskie/Michigan State U.

Physical and chemical heterogeneities in porous media strongly impact the thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids confined within porous materials. To fully exploit engineering processes which involve porous materials, the effects of heterogeneity on the properties of fluids in porous media must be more completely understood. In this CAREER plan, a set of research activities will be undertaken to develop statistical thermodynamic methods for characterizing fluid properties in heterogeneous porous media. Three thematic areas will be investigated: (1) sorption and diffusion of fluids in porous solids; (2) chemical dilution in heterogeneous media; and (3) enhancement of cellular transport in porous media via chemotaxis. Adsorbed-fluid phase equilibria and diffusive transport in microporous solids will be investigated using density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulation, respectively. These models will be used to interpret sorptometer measurements of gas uptake on microporous adsorbents and soils. A statistical thermodynamic model of mixing, the spatial variability index, will be used to model the dilution of solutes transported through disordered porous media.

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Award Description: 
CAREER: Adsorption and Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science