Tongtong Li recipient of the Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award


Photo of Tongtong LiThis CAREER project is devoted to the fundamental research of highly efficient and reliable wireless networks through advanced multilayer methodologies. We focus on two problems: (i) Before a user enters the network, how to ensure efficient user-based access control? (ii) After a user is authorized to access the network, how to ensure efficient and reliable information transmission, especially, under malign environments? The intellectual merit of this research lies in the development of practical techniques for highly efficient and reliable wireless networks, and in the development of analytical and design tools that are broadly applicable to related engineering problems. For access control, our mutually interactive MAC-PHY framework identifies itself as a crosscutting research thrust in addressing the limitations in existing network and re-defining the reference framework for communications based on the network-centric paradigm. For information transmission, we break new ground in developing highly efficient, inherently reliable airlink interfaces. By exploiting cryptographic techniques and inherent ambiguity in signal detection over multiple access channels, our design of inherently secure and efficient wireless systems guarantees strong information confidentiality and integrity over wireless networks.

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Award Description: 
CAREER: On Highly Efficient and Reliable Wireless Networks
Electrical & Computer Engineering