NASA taps hydrology expertise of Narendra Das

Dec. 15, 2022

Das joins NASA science team for NISAR mission 

Narendra N. Das of Michigan State University has been selected as a science team member of the NISAR mission of NASA. The mission is scheduled to be launched in January 2024 to measure Earth’s changing ecosystems, dynamic surfaces, and ice masses.

Narendra Das
Narendra Das

Das is an associate professor in MSU’s departments of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has expertise in hydrology and microwave remote sensing and its geophysical applications.

As a science team member, his prime responsibility is to create an algorithm to generate high-resolution (200 m) soil moisture from the NISAR observations at a global extent. He is creating algorithm software and ancillary data for the mission in his Remote Sensing in Hydrology and Agriculture lab in Farrall Hall.

The high-resolution soil moisture data will have applications in areas including agriculture, watershed management, forest fire prediction, drought monitoring, and flood inundation mapping.

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Story courtesy of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.