Planning begins for more engineering and digital sciences space

June 30, 2022

MSU sets sites on new Engineering and Digital Innovation Building

Engineering and digital sciences at Michigan State University took another critical step forward last week when the MSU Board of Trustees authorized planning for a new academic space to advance research and instructional excellence. 

Engineering Dean Leo Kempel
Dean Leo Kempel

Engineering Dean Leo Kempel said the board unanimously approved planning to begin on an Engineering and Digital Innovation Building during their meeting on June 24, 2022.

“This facility will allow us to expand our faculty and staff, better meet the needs of an expanding student base, and pursue new research ventures in collaboration with colleagues across campus, including areas such as quantum engineering, advanced manufacturing, and semiconductors,” Kempel said. “Although Engineering is the lead college, six colleges came together to envision what the digital future will offer to our students.”

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Kempel noted the six colleges are the Eli Broad College of Business, and the Colleges of Arts and Letters, Communication Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Natural Science, and Social Science.

The trustee resolution supporting an Engineering and Digital Innovation Building will accommodate current and planned growth in student enrollment in digital learning, and growth and development of research in areas including advanced materials, ultrafast sciences, and quantum computing.

Trustees also authorized the university to plan for a new laboratory research space to accommodate growth in plant and environmental sciences.

“It will take time to build the new building, however, it is an excellent advancement for our college community,” Kempel added.