Thanking: Roy Bailiff

Sept. 2, 2021

Engineering technician retires Sept. 7 after 25 years

Odds are, if you’ve done something in the Michigan State University Department of Mechanical Engineering in the past few decades then you’ve probably crossed paths with the popular, boisterous, and dedicated Roy Bailiff.

Roy Bailiff
Roy Bailiff

He has served as the engineering technician in the College of Engineering for the past 25 years, supervising a variety of people and facilities that include the Manufacturing Teaching Lab and student competition teams. He also began teaching ME 372, Machine Tool Laboratory, in the early 2000s.  

Bailiff will retire on Sept. 7. His plans include moving to his home in Boyne, working on his own projects, and traveling.

“I’ve been in education all my life. I like to see the reward of students learning hands-on skills,” Bailiff said. “The best part of the education is seeing students succeed.”

He joined MSU in the mid-1990s. About five years ago, he began advocating for a much-needed facility for co-curricular activities in the College of Engineering, especially for the student teams like Formula SAE, Baja and Solar Racing Team.

“Being so involved with the students, I really felt there was a need to create a facility to house the many extracurricular student activities that MSU offers,” he said. “Imagine my joy as we prepare for this idea to become a reality.”

Construction on the 10,560-square-foot William A. Demmer Engineering Center is expected to begin later this year. The one-story building will be built near the corner of Farm Lane and Mount Hope roads on the south end of campus.

Bailiff said he is excited that faculty members and students will be able to utilize the new space, which will build an even stronger Spartan Engineering community.

“In all the 25 years I have been here, the mechanical engineering part of the college has had really good hands-on opportunities. I’ve worked with a lot of great professors who have gotten the college to where it is now. It has been fun,” he added, “the best job I have ever had.”

Written by Kee-Ri Burkitt, student writer in the College of Engineering