Job market for recent grads

May 25, 2021

Susan Masten joins the experts offering advice to job seekers

Career website Zippia collected more than 3,000 expert opinions on the skills, training, and technology that will be demand as the various professions figure out how the pandemic changed the job market.

Susan Masten
"I'm seeing our students get employment all over the U.S." - Susan Masten

Susan Masten, professor of civil and environment engineering at Michigan State University, was among those predicting the future and offering words of advice.

From the advent of Zoom interviews to the adoption of fully remote workplaces, finding a job looks significantly different now than it did last year.

Here’s what she told Zippia:


What skills stand out on resumes?
Professor Susan Masten: Independence, motivation, dedication, especially since many people will likely continue to work from home. Also, it is important that they be a team-player as many jobs require collaboration (even while working remotely) to complete tasks. The students have had to hone these skills and I've seen significant improvement since we went online in Spring and even improvement over this semester. Optimism and a positive attitude even in stressful times. Creativity as we find new ways to complete tasks.

Are there any particularly good places in the United States for graduates to find work opportunities in this field after they graduate?

Professor Susan MastenI'm seeing our students getting employment all over the US. Engineers are always needed and students are finding employment in consulting, governmental or regulatory agencies, industry, municipalities, and laboratories, to name a few. The jobs are often in the power, telecommunications, water, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.

Joining Masten on the panel of experts were specialists from Arizona State, Benedictine University, Kansas State, Notre Dame, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Read more.