Video tour MSU's new STEM Building

May 19, 2021

Watch the transformation of Shaw Power Plant into stunning new space

Construction on MSU’s new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility is in its final stages.

MSU's new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility
MSU's new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility

Located adjacent to the Engineering Building on central campus – the facility will house undergraduate teaching laboratories and project laboratories for STEM students that reach across a number of colleges. Breakout space will support gateway courses for biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, physics, and engineering.

The project transformed the 70-year-old Shaw Lane Power Plant into a student-ready maker and collaboration space.

Old silos are now conference rooms, and the 1946 limestone entrance awaits the return of Spartan students. Original steam boilers and mechanical hardware are art installations.

Take a look at MSU’s newest major facility in this video tour.

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