January 2020 Media Report

Jan. 31, 2020

A monthly look at media coverage on the MSU College of Engineering

Bryan Smith, associate professor of biomedical engineering, and a team of scientists have created a “Trojan Horse” nanoparticle that can be directed to eat debris, reducing and stabilizing plaque. The discovery could be a potential treatment for atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death in the United States. The research is currently featured in Nature Nanotechnology

Biomedical engineer Bryan Smith's research is featured in Nature Nanotechnology.
Biomedical engineer Bryan Smith's research is featured in Nature Nanotechnology.

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Spartan engineers have developed a new kind of smart soft actuator, based on the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) to fabricate intelligent grippers for robotics for use in agriculture, engineering and healthcare. “There are still some challenges to be solved for deploying this technology in field testing and large-scale applications,” said Xiaobo Tan, MSU Foundation Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Researchers including Xiaobo Tan, MSU Foundation Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and those at the U.S. Geological Survey Hammond Bay Biological Station, are working on a smart electronic skin that can autonomously detect the presence of a sea lamprey.
Great Lakes Connection

Fast Forward: MSU is helping shape the future of transportation.
MSU is helping shape the future of transportation.

MSU Mobility is featured in the new Spartan alumni magazine, with faculty members Associate Dean John Verboncoeur, Professors Nizar Lajnef, Hayder Radha, Peter Savolainen, Xiaoming Liu, Daniel Morris and Vaishav Srivastava.
Spartan Alumni Magazine

Peter Savolainen, MSU Foundation Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was named a Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers for contributions and leadership in improving mobility and transportation safety around the world.

Peter Savolainen, Timothy Gates and Anthony Ingle, of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, received national recognition at the 2020 Transportation Research Board meeting in Washington, D.C., in January. Their research at MSU determined that radar-operated speed feedback signs are successful at slowing down motorists on freeway interchange ramps – saving lives and preventing property damage.

Sergey Baryshev, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a prestigious Accelerator Stewardship Award from the Office of High Energy Physics at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). He will use $225,000 to design and establish a high power X-band nanosecond pulse microscopy system.
U.S. Dept. of Energy - Office of Science

A research team focused on artificial intelligence from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was recognized as fourth in the world and first in the U.S. and Canada at the Google MicroNet Challenge in Vancouver, Canada. ECE assistant professor Mi Zhang and ECE PhD students Yu Zheng, Shen Yan, Xiao Zeng and Biyi Fang were acknowledged at the Google MicroNet Challenge CIFAR-100 Track at the conference on Neural Information Processing (NeurIPS'19) in December.

ECE PhD students Yu Zheng, Shen Yan, Xiao Zeng, Biyi Fang, and ECE assistant professor Mi Zhang won international recognition.
ECE PhD students Yu Zheng, Shen Yan, Xiao Zeng, Biyi Fang, and ECE assistant professor Mi Zhang won international recognition in December.

Michigan State hit a record graduation rate in 2019 but still trails most Big Ten schools -Blasting a trombone while marching for hours almost daily was a demanding life for Kyle Kilponen. But performing with the Spartan Marching Band was not as challenging as his chemical engineering courses at MSU. “An engineering degree is very difficult,” said Kilponen, 24, a 2018 MSU graduate and now a chemical engineer at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics in Beaverton. MSU officials say changes in academic assistance programs and student services helped increase the school's six-year graduation rate to a record 81 percent in 2019.
Lansing State Journal

MSU Foundation Professor James Klausner, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is part of a feature on the paints, plastics and wood that can be engineered to stay cool in direct sunlight in a power-hungry air conditioner world. He said the regions where the effect works well are arid areas such as the southwestern United States or the Middle East, which have high demands for air conditioning.

Drone Elephant Recognition App Aids Nonprofit, Team Evolutio Wins Best Overall for Computer Science at MSU's Design Day -- Team Evolutio won the award for Best Overall Capstone Experience Project for the Computer Science Department at Design Day. Design Day at MSU is the culmination of the semester-long senior Capstone Experience where teams of students collaborate, build, and showcase final software projects for corporate clients.

Top stories of 2019 -- The collaborative work done by faculty and students in the College of Engineering that aided MSU basketball player Nick Ward during the 2019 NCAA Tournament was selected as one of MSU’s top stories of 2019. A team of professors including Larry Drzal (chemical engineering and materials science), Tom Pence and Tamara Reid Bush (both mechanical engineering), along with other MSU engineers and students, were happy to lend a hand (brace).

Tamara Reid Bush and her students in the Biomechanical Design Research Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering create devices for those with ability limitations by applying the principles of mechanical engineering to the human body. Their efforts are featured nationally on the Big Ten Network.
Video: BTN LiveBig
BTN website

A fluid mechanics researcher at MSU will use an NSF Faculty Early Career Development, or CAREER, Award to advance the emerging field of active fluids. Tony Gao is the 19th faculty member in the College of Engineering to receive an NSF CAREER Award since 2010. He is an assistant professor of both mechanical engineering and computational mathematics, science and engineering.

Renowned biometrics expert and MSU University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Anil Jain has been elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as a Foreign Member. Jain was selected for his scientific achievements and contributions in the development of science and technology in China.
Biometric Update

4 leading North American universities for biomedical engineering -- MSU has established itself as a leader in interdisciplinary biomedical research; BME’s resources are enhanced by collaborations throughout the College of Engineering, along with other MSU Colleges, including Human Medicine; Osteopathic Medicine; Veterinary Medicine; Nursing; Natural Science; and Communications Arts and Sciences. This ensures students enjoy a holistic education.
Study International News

Charlevoix's Tyler Ostrum has been awarded a $120,000 Evans Scholarship to MSU. He is interested in engineering.
Petoskey News-Review

Is college worth it? “(What) concerns me is that I’ll just end up in a career path that I don’t really love,” said computer science freshman Henry Xu. “ ... We’ve all heard the saying ‘If you truly enjoy what you do, you’ll never have to work a single day in your life,’ and I eventually want to reach that point in my life.”
State News (MSU student newspaper)

Pratap Bhanu Solanki, a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering, recently talked to IMPACT @SciFiles89FM at MSU about underwater robot communications. His work involves developing novel alignment and control systems and algorithms for optical communication of underwater robots.

MSU’s IGEM Team won a national bronze medal last year – an experience that chemical engineering senior Joelle Eaves writes about in this MSUToday Student View.
MSUToday Student View

Christopher Woodruff
is a platform strategist at Quicken Loans and will be a keynote speaker at Q Con in San Francisco in Fall 2020. As a speaker and podcaster, he has spoken and discussed a variety of topics, including database design and open source. He received a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1994.
Q Con

Other news
ASE, Michigan’s largest employer association, released the 2020 Starting Salaries for Co-op Students and Recent College Graduates Survey today. MSU is #2 on the list of favorite places to recruit in Michigan.Automation Alley
MiTech News
Tech Century (ESD)

MSU Pride Points
• Jan. 7 –
Anil Jain, University Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineering, has been elected as a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Election to the academy is one of the highest honors that China bestows on a citizen of a foreign country. Jain will be honored during the CAS 20th general assembly in Beijing in June.
• Jan 21 - Joelle Eaves, a senior chemical engineering major, recently participated in the Synthetic Biology championship as part of MSU’s iGEM team. MSU’s team won a bronze medal for an environmental project redirecting methane, produced in landfills, from environmental release into valuable compounds.
• Jan. 23 – A research team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was recognized as fourth in the world and first in the U.S. and Canada at the recent Google MicroNet Challenge in Vancouver, Canada.