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New online education courses

Aug. 2, 2019

Amesite and MSU partner to provide online courses in autonomous vehicles and smart cities

MSU will partner with Amesite, Inc., an artificial intelligence software company providing online educational courses and programs for higher education.

MSU has partnered with Amesite to offer new online courses.
MSU has partnered with Amesite to offer new online courses.

The courses being announced are:

• Autonomous Vehicles - a course introducing the technologies of autonomous vehicles, safety, and regulatory needs, as well as implications for business models and ownership issues from consumer to commercial.

• Smart Cities and Infrastructure Certificate - a course introducing the social implications and technologies of the modern, sustainable built environment, using examples from around the globe.

Both programs are geared to a general professional audience. Each course will comprise six weeks of instruction and engagement.

MSU Engineering Dean Leo Kempel said the professional courses being launched are based on topics of intense, current interest, particularly for employees of Michigan companies and government workers from the municipal to the state level. 

“Given the fast-moving nature of the subject material, we anticipate these courses will evolve to remain current. The Amesite system provides a cutting-edge delivery vehicle enabling student-instructor interaction, providing prepared materials and materials based on current events to ensure integration of the latest available information, and offering outstanding student engagement,” Kempel added.

Jeff Grabill, director of the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and MSU associate provost for teaching, learning and technology said, “At MSU, we work to connect people with knowledge through innovative learning technologies. Our new partnership with Amesite will provide our faculty with tools for flexible and collaborative online instruction, allowing them to share cutting-edge knowledge with students as quickly as possible.”

Amesite CEO Ann Marie Sastry said Michigan State is one of the 10 largest universities in the nation, with around 500,000 living alumni - all of whom need to be continuously educated.

“Their research volume is over $695M annually, generated by thousands of experts. By partnering with one of the top research institutions in the world, Amesite can bring greater engagement and access to MSU’s large group of loyal alumni, and many others who wish to benefit from MSU’s deep capabilities. We love having the opportunity to start real conversations about topics that matter in technology - and equipping people with the ability to grow professionally and engage with one another, through education,” she added.

Amesite is a high-tech artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based platform for college and university courses to be cost-effectively and conveniently delivered to learners online. Amesite uses artificial intelligence technologies to provide customized environments for learners, and easier-to-manage interfaces for instructors. For more information, visit https://amesite.com.