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Aug. 30, 2018

Megat Usamah Megat-Johari awarded 2018 HSIS Highway Safety Data Award

New PhD student Megat Usamah Megat-Johari has been awarded the 2018 Highway Safety Information System Excellence in Highway Safety Data Award. He was honored Aug. 21 in Minneapolis.New PhD student Megat Usamah Megat-Johari is bringing a national recognition with him as he joins MSU.

Megat-Johari joins MSU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering from Iowa State University, where he and co-author Justin Cyr creatively used Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) data to develop the winning paper, “Transferability of Safety Performance Functions Across Jurisdictions: A Comparison of Interstate SPFs between Minnesota, Ohio, and Washington Using HSIS Data.” 

“This research will provide a better understanding of how crash patterns vary across jurisdictions with different traffic, weather, and topographical conditions,” Megat-Johari said. 

The HSIS Excellence in Highway Safety Data Award is part of the Highway Data Analysis Excellence Awards Program. It was created to introduce future highway safety professionals to HSIS safety data, the process of applying the appropriate research methods to derive recommendations, and to practice using that data to make decisions. 

The Federal Highway Administration and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) jointly administer the competition. 

At MSU, Megat-Johari’s PhD advisor is MSU Foundation Professor Peter Savolainen of civil and environmental engineering. 

This year’s HSIS Excellence in Highway Safety Data winning paper is available in the 2018 August issue of ITE Journal. 

Story courtesy of HSIS.