2018 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium

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May 11, 2018

UPDATE -- Congratulations to the winners of the Engineering Graduate Research Symposium Poster Awards 

DewGood Award for Public Service Technology

  • First Place: Hao Wang, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering (Advisor: Jianrong Wang)
  • Second Place: Xue (Zoe) Jiang, Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Peter Lillehoj) 

Biomedical Engineering

  • First Place: Joseph Salatino (Advisor: Erin Purcell)
  • Second Place: Victoria Toomajian (Advisor: Christopher Contag)
  • Third Place: Monica Setien (Advisor: Erin Purcell) 

Biosystems Engineering

  • First Place: Yuzhen Lu (Advisor: Renfu Lu)
  • Second Place: Kara Dean and Ryan Julien (Advisor: Jade Mitchell)
  • Third Place: Younsuk Dong (Advisor: Steven Safferman)
  • Honorable Mention: Khang Huynh (Advisor: Dawn Reinhold) 

Chemical Engineering

  • First Place: Aritra Chakraborty (Advisor: Philip Eisenlohr)
  • Second Place: Wu Yuelin (Advisor: Andre. Lee)
  • Third Place: Christopher Hershey (Advisor: Krishnamurthy Jayaraman) 

Civil Engineering (Structures)

  • First Place: Hadi Salehi (Advisor: Rigoberto Burgueno)
  • Second Place: Ankit Agrawal (Advisor: Venkatesh Kodur)
  • Third Place: Ali Imani Azad (Advisor: Rigoberto Burgueno) 

Civil Engineering (Transportation/Pavements)

  • First Place: Ramin Saedi (Advisor: Ali Zockaie)
  • Second Place: Fatemeh Fakhrmoosavi (Advisor: Ali Zockaie)
  • Third Place: Danilo Balzarini (Advisor: Karim Chatti) 

Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering

  • First Place: Anna Yannakopoulos (Advisor: Arjun Krishnan)
  • Second Place: Hao Wang (Advisor: Jianrong Wang)
  • Third Place: Ehsan Kharazmi (Advisor: Mohsen Zayernouri) 

Computer Science

  • First Place: Vahid Mirjalili (Advisor: Arun Ross)
  • Second Place: Fengyi (Andy) Tang (Advisor: Jiayu Zhou)
  • Third Place: Adam Terwilliger (Advisor: Xiaoming Liu)
  • Honorable Mentions:
    Salman Ali (Advisor: Alex Liu)
    Sudipta Banerjee (Advisor: Arun Ross)
    Anurag Chowdhury (Advisor: Arun Ross)
    Tarang Chugh (Advisor: Anil K. Jain)
    Joshua Engelsma (Advisor: Anil Jain)
    Alexander Lalejini (Advisor: Charles Ofria)
    Kaixiang Lin (Advisor: Jiayu Zhou)
    Amin Jourabloo (Advisor: Xiaoming Liu)
    Yaojie Liu (Advisor: Xiaoming Liu)
    Farzan Masrour Shalmani (Advisor: Abdol-Hossein  Esfahanian)
    Thomas Swearingen (Advisor: Arun Ross)
    Qi Wang (Advisor: Jiayu Zhou) 

Electrical Engineering

  • First Place: Portia Banerjee (Advisor: Lalita Udpa)
  • Second Place: Hongyang Shi (Advisor: Xiaobo Tan)
  • Third Place: Gaurab Panda (Advisor: Virginia Ayres) 

Environmental Engineering

  • First Place: Farshid Felfelani (Advisor: Yadu N. Pokhrel)
  • Second Place: Suyog Chaudhari (Advisor: Yadu N. Pokhrel)
  • Third Place: Eunsang Lee (Advisor: Annick Anctil) 

Materials Science & Engineering

  • First Place: Yuxiao Lin (Advisor: Yue Qi)
  • Second Place: Mariana Desireé Reale Batista (Advisor: Lawrence Drzal)
  • Third Place: Yang Lu (Advisor: Andre Lee) 

Mechanical Engineering

  • First Place: Alborz Izadi (Advisor: Rebecca Anthony)
  • Second Place: Joseph Kerwin (Advisor: Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez)
  • Third Place: Tyler Tuttle (Advisor: Sara Roccabianca)

The poster winners join the winners of the Fitch H. Beach Award and Outstanding Graduate Student Awards previously announced.

Fitch H. Beach Awards for Outstanding Graduate Research

First Place: Xi Yin, Computer Science (Advisor: Xiaoming Liu)

Second Place: Hassene Hasni, Civil Engineering (Advisor: Nizar Lajnef)

Third Place: Matthew Herman, Biosystems Engineering (Advisor: Pouyan Nejadhashemi)

Third Place: Jinshui Miao, Electrical Engineering (Advisor: Chuan Wang)

Honorable Mention: Gautham Dharuman, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering (Advisor: Michael Murillo)

Honorable Mention: Christine James, Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Yue Qi)

Honorable Mention: Aryan Mehboudi, Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Junghoon Yeom) 

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Joseph Salatino, Biomedical Engineering (Advisor: Erin Purcell)

Yuzhen Lu, Biosystems Engineering (Advisor: Renfu Lu)

Sayli Bote, Chemical Engineering (Advisor: Ramani Narayan)

Ankit Agrawal, Civil Engineering (Advisor: Venkatesh Kodur)

Michael Crockatt, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering (Advisor: Andrew Christlieb)

Xi Yin, Computer Science (Advisor: Xiaoming Liu)

Anand Chandrasekhar, Electrical Engineering (Advisor: Ramakrishnan Mukkamala)

Joshua Drost, Engineering Mechanics (Advisor: Tamara Reid-Bush)

Zachary Curtis, Environmental Engineering (Advisor: Shu-Guang Li)

Yuanchao Liu, Materials Science (Advisor: Scott Calabrese Barton)

Ruitao Song, Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Guoming Zhu) 


March 30, 2018

Almost 300 poster presentations highlight this year’s celebration of graduate student research 

The 2018 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium at Michigan State University showcased almost 300 poster presentations and celebrated both the Outstanding Graduate Student Awards and the Fitch H. Beach Award nominees during ceremonies Thursday, March 29, at the Breslin Center.Laurie and Manooch Koochesfahani and Katy Luchini Colbry (right) welcomed Thomas D. Jeitschko Thursday at the 2018 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. Thomas is the associate provost for graduate education and dean of MSU’s Graduate School. 

It also offered a chance for the College of Engineering to thank Associate Dean Manooch Koochesfahani for his 10 years of service to graduate students as he steps away from that leadership position to focus on his academic and research roles. 

Engineering Dean Leo Kempel offered the welcome during the seventh annual Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. Thomas D. Jeitschko, associate provost for graduate education and dean of the MSU Graduate School, also offered remarks. 

The event included presentations by the nominees for the Fitch H. Beach Award for outstanding graduate student research. Awards are based on a review of students’ academic and professional records and on an oral presentation of their research. Nominees receive a stipend, certificate, and a medal to be worn at graduation. 

Xi Yin, a PhD student in computer science and engineering (CSE), won the 2018 Fitch H. Beach Award for her biometrics research on "Feature Transfer Learning for Deep Face Recognition with Long-Tail Data." Her advisor is CSE assistant professor Xiaoming Liu.

Xi Yin, a PhD student in computer science and engineering, received $2,000 and a medal for winning the Fitch H. Beach Award.

Other nominees for the 2018 Fitch H. Beach Award were: 

Matthew Ryan Herman, Biosystems Engineering, Advisor: Pouyan Nejadhashemi;

Christine James, Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Yue Qi;

Hassene Hasni, Civil Engineering, Advisor: Nizar Lajnef;

Gautham Dharuman, CMSE, Advisor: Michael Murillo;

Jinshui Miao, Electrical Engineering, Advisor: Chuan Wang; and 

Aryan Mehboudi, Mechanical Engineering, Advisor: Junghoon Yeom. 

Abstracts for Fitch H. Beach Award research 

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards were presented to recognize the most outstanding graduate student in each program, as selected by the department faculty. Recipients receive a stipend, certificate, and a medal to be worn at graduation.

The honorees were: 

Ankit Agrawal, Civil Engineering, Advisor: Venkatesh Kodur;

Sayli Bote, Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Ramani Narayan;

Anand Chandrasekhar, Electrical Engineering, Advisor: Ramakrishna Mukkamala;

Michael Crockatt, Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering, Advisor: Andrew Christlieb;

Zachary Curtis, Environmental Engineering, Advisor: Shu-Guang Li;

Joshua Drost, Engineering Mechanics, Advisor: Tamara Reid Bush;

Yuanchao Liu, Materials Science, Advisor: Scott Calabrese Barton;

Yuzhen Lu, Biosystems Engineering, Advisor: Renfu Lu;

Joseph Salatino, Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Erin Purcell;

Ruitao Song, Mechanical Engineering, Advisor: Guoming [George] Zhu; and

Xi Yin, Computer Science, Advisor: Xiaoming Liu.William Jensen, a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering, was among the almost 300 graduate students with poster presentations. He explains his work on reliability and performance of electrical machines to Biosystems Engineering Adjunct Professor Renfu Lu, among the many faculty members who supported the students in 2018.



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