Civil citations awarded

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May 18, 2017

Anil Jain and research team receive civil citations for helping police in murder investigation

For his work assisting with a murder investigation in 2016, University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain has been honored by both the Lansing Police Department and the Michigan State University Police Department.The Lansing Police Department presented a Civilian Citation to University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain for enhancing fingerprints that allowed police to unlock a cell phone needed for a murder investigation in 2016. From left are Sunpreet Arora (PhD ’16 computer science), MSU postdoc Kai Cao, MSU Police Detective Andrew Rathbun, LPD Chief Mike Yankowski, Anil Jain, and LPD Officer Robert McBride.

The LPD awarded Jain a Civilian Citation “for meritorious actions which significantly aided in the protection of life,” and the MSUPD presented him the Meritorious Service Award “in response to the assistance provided to the Digital Forensics and Computer Crimes Unit.”

Jain’s biometrics team was approached by the two police departments last year when they could not unlock a murder victim’s cell phone. Jain’s team used a specially created computer program to enhance the victim’s fingerprints and then printed 2-D fingerprints with conductive ink to create an electrical circuit which simulates a live finger. Police were then able to unlock the cell phone to obtain evidence.

Along with Jain, two other members of the biometrics team, post-doctoral student Kai Cao and doctoral student Sunpreet Arora (recently graduated), also received the special citations.

LPD and MSU Police honored Jain and his team in separate ceremonies in May.