Giving Tuesday - $21,455

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Nov. 30, 2016


2016 Giving Tuesday outcome: $21,455 and 85 donors

The College of Engineering had an "amazing outcome" during the 2016 #GiveTueMSU event, which brought in $21,455 and 85 donors on Giving Tuesday - Tuesday, Nov. 29.

“The story here is the 85 donors,” said Garth Motschenbacher of The Center for Spartan Engineering. “I am especially proud of the younger alumni who participated," he added. "In the aggregate, we make a difference."Celebrating the college's success following Giving Tuesday were (standing, left to right) Garth Motschenbacher, Kaleigh Jaeger-Hale, Tom Wolff, and Maria Allen and (front) Vincenzo Vultaggio and Andrea Tomczak.

In all, the Thomas F. Wolff Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund will benefit from Giving Tuesday donations totaling $10,455, plus a $10,000 bonus from The Center for Spartan Engineering, and a $1,000 #GiveTueMSU bonus from University Advancement for a grand total of $21,455!

Wolff said the strong showing on Giving Tuesday has provided important support for future Spartan Engineering students. 

"We're well on our way to completing the endowment of $50,000," Wolff said. "With the Aggie McCann fund nearing the end of donors who knew Ms. McCann, the Wolff Fund will permit our support for student co-curricular activities to continue to grow into the future," he added.

Michigan State University also surpassed its 2016 goals on Giving Tuesday, Motschenbacher noted.

"Not only did the University more than double its $100,000 goal by raising $241,749 for MSU, but MSU also had 1,681 gifts come through the website."

For more on the Day of Giving at MSU, visit:, or the Engineering site at:

Still want to donate? Contact the MSU Engineering Development and Alumni Office at (517) 355-8339 or email: The name of the fund is the Thomas F. Wolff Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund.



Nov. 23, 2016

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, support students and help the College of Engineering achieve bonus funds

The College of Engineering has set a $5,000 fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29 to support student activities, organizations, and initiatives. 

“So let’s break the bank on Nov. 29,” challenged Garth Motschenbacher, director of Employer Engagement & Career Connections in the College of Engineering.On Tuesday, Nov. 29, donors can help the college achieve challenge bonuses and meet a one-day goal of $5,000 to support student activities. 


The Center for Spartan Engineering will offer up to a $10,000 bonus for the college during the Day of Giving with funds from employers affiliated with the center, he explained. 

Day of Giving supporters can visit the website and use the secure link that will be made available that day. 

“We’ll also have a table set up in the lobby of the Engineering Building from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for those wanting to write checks or drop off money.  All contributions are welcome – big or small. 

“We’ve made it easy for you to make your donation via credit card or electronic check, but only donations made on Nov. 29 will be counted toward our goal,” he added. “Every dollar counts when it comes to the support of our students.” 

All donations in the college on Giving Tuesday will be directed to the Thomas F. Wolff Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund. 

Wolff is the former associate dean of Undergraduate Studies in the college and especially knows the value of having a fund to support experiential learning for students. For 15 years, he administered the Aggie McCann Fund that has supported many students in co-curricular activities, such as travel to undergraduate research conferences, national society conventions, or national student team competitions.

In 2015, as he stepped down as associate dean and began his transition to retirement, Wolff and his wife, Kathy, made a founding contribution to the Thomas F. Wolff College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund. Like the Aggie McCann Fund, the Wolff Fund supports co-curricular learning now and for future generations of Spartan students.

Funds donated to the College of Engineering on Tuesday, Nov. 29, will support student activities through the Thomas F. Wolff College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund.“As the alumni who knew Aggie age, the growth of this fund that helps students has slowed through the years,” Wolff said. “My own travel to conferences as a college student left a lasting impression on how such experiences can foster leadership. It is an excellent way to show we are here for the students,” he added.

Aggie McCann – still helping students
Aggie McCann served as the secretary to the dean of the College of Engineering for 45 years, from 1917 to 1962. Her impact on engineering students was such a legend that her former students and friends created an endowment in her name. The Aggie McCann Fund helps undergraduates achieve their co-curricular goals with financial support that varies from travel requests to the supplies needed to complete a team project.