A legacy for supporting students

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Nov. 1, 2016

Supporting Spartan students now and in the future --
The Thomas F. Wolff Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund 

Tom Wolff knows the value of having a fund to support experiential learning for students. 

For 15 years, he administered the Aggie McCann Fund that has supported many students in co-curricular activities, such as travel to undergraduate research conferences, national society conventions, or national student team competitions.Tom Wolff has spent a career supporting student endeavors, and now his Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment will do so always.

So in 2015, as he stepped down as associate dean for undergraduate students and began his transition to retirement, Wolff and his wife, Kathy, made a founding contribution to the Thomas F. Wolff College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowment Fund. Like the Aggie McCann Fund, the Wolff Fund supports co-curricular learning now and for future generations of Spartan students.

“As the alumni who knew Aggie age, the growth of this fund that helps students has slowed through the years,” Wolff explained. “My own travel to conferences as a college student left a lasting impression on how such experiences can foster leadership. It is an excellent way to show we are here for the students,” he added.

For more information on supporting the Wolff Fund, call (517) 355-8339 or e-mail at egrdevel@egr.msu.edu.


Aggie McCann – still helping students
Aggie McCann served as the secretary to the dean of the College of Engineering for 45 years, from 1917 to 1962. Her impact on engineering students was such a legend that her former students and friends created an endowment in her name. The Aggie McCann Fund helps undergraduates achieve their co-curricular goals with financial support that varies from travel requests to the supplies needed to complete a team project.