Welcome new faculty - 2016

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Aug. 25, 2016

New faculty and academic staff members introduced themselves during orientation on Aug. 24, 2016. Among those attending the session was (standing) Erin Purcell, an assistant professor and the first faculty member in MSU's new Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The College of Engineering welcomed 35 new faculty and academic staff members at this summer’s orientation on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

A warm Spartan Engineering greeting to:


Erin Purcell, assistant professor 


Anne Eisenlohr, specialist

Nathan Mellott, specialist

Alexandra Zevalkink, assistant professor


Alexei Banzavov, assistant professor

Arjun Krishnan, assistant professor

Huey-Wen Lin, assistant professor

Ekatrina, Merkurjev, assistant professor

Michael Murillo, professor

Jianrong Wang, assistant professor 


Alireza Amelirenani, specialist

Wolfgang Banzhaf, professor

Vishnu Boddeti, assistant professor

Hu Ding, assistant professor

Joshua Nahum, specialist

Sebnem Onsay, specialist

Jiliang Tang, assistant professor

Guan-Hua (Scott) Tu, assistant professor

A packed orientation agenda included meeting department chairs, associate deans, and a welcome from Dean Kempel.


Yiming Deng, associate professor

Jeffrey Nanzer, assistant professor

Vaibhav Srivastava, assistant professor

Ahmet Ulusoy, assistant professor 

Sangmin Yoo, assistant professor

Peng Zhang, assistant professor


Qi Hua Fan, associate professor  


Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez, assistant professor

Yang Guo, assistant professor

Like Li, specialist

Michael Lavagnino, specialist

Yuping Wang, specialist

Junlin Yuan, assistant professor


Hannah Brodhead, specialist

Janet Lam, specialist

Jenahvive Morgan, specialist

Jason Pennington, specialist