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March 5, 2015

Urban Science strengthens CSE’s Capstone Lab with another $30,000 gift

A ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated Urban Science and its support of the Computer Science and Engineering Capstone Lab during a gathering March 4 in the Michigan State University College of Engineering. The lab is located in Room 3352 Engineering Building.Dean Leo Kempel, Global Recruiting Director Matt Bejin and Chief Information Officer Elizabeth Klee from Urban Science, and MSU Trustee Melanie Foster, clipped the green trimmings to dedicate the lab facilities.

Dean Leo Kempel, Urban Science Global Recruiting Director Matt Bejin and Chief Information Officer Elizabeth Klee, were joined by MSU Trustee Melanie Foster as they clipped green ribbons to dedicate the facilities. 

A gift of $30,000 from Urban Science was used to purchase 12 Apple 27-inch iMacs for the lab. Urban Science previously had donated $30,000 in 2011 for an initial set of 12 Apple 27-inch iMacs for the lab. The machines are powerful Apple desktop computers that are able to use virtualization, run Apple’s OS X operating system simultaneously with various versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux. 

“We want to thank Urban Science so much for this $30,000 gift,” Kempel said. “Strengthening this lab allows the College of Engineering to help students transition into being career ready graduates. We are grateful for this contribution from Urban Science.” 

Foster, who represented the MSU Board of Trustees at the event, also offered her thanks. “As board members, we truly value our relationship with industry but especially with industry based in Michigan,” she said, noting that Urban Science has hired 29 MSU alumni in the last five years, including two recent graduates. 

“We value the opportunity that our graduates can stay here in Michigan,” she added. 

Based in Detroit, Urban Science is a business-solutions company that supports the sales and marketing needs of the automotive industry. They leverage a scientific methodology to help sell more vehicles, improve profitability, and increase customer loyalty. 

“We are thrilled to support this lab and really want to attract talent from MSU to Urban Science,” said Elizabeth Klee, chief information officer. “This is a win for all of us.”

Starting in the fall of 2009, Urban Science has sponsored 13 CSE capstone projects. The fall 2014 project, titled "HR Matters", is a software tool that enables automobile dealers to assess the key behavioral competencies of their employees to help them develop in their role such as a salesperson or service advisor. 

Professor Wayne Dyksen, from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the MSU College of Engineering, is the CSE capstone course professor. Dyksen noted, “Our partnership with Urban Science helps us provide our students with outstanding computing facilities. In return, MSU provides Urban Science with outstanding computer science graduates.”


Thanks to Urban Science, students have access to 24 Apple 27-inch iMacs in the CSE Capstone Lab.