December grad had his Spartan Will tested

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December 16, 2013

Every newly minted college graduate can offer tales of challenges met and personal triumph en route to attaining their diploma.Johannes, Karen and Kyle Haumersen celebrated Andrew's electrical engineering degree.

Among the College of Engineering’s 257 graduates at MSU Commencement on Dec. 14, there was one who particularly had his Spartan Will tested.

Andrew Haumersen, of St. Joseph, Mich., walked across the stage by overcoming injuries sustained from a serious motorcycle accident. He received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

“I wouldn't have graduated on Saturday if my family and my professors wouldn't have helped me through all this,” he said.

On Sept. 30, 2012, Haumersen was headed to the Engineering building on his motorcycle when the vehicle in front of him stopped abruptly, causing him to hit it from behind.

He was taken to Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital for treatment, where he learned he had three fractures to his pelvis, three-fractured vertebra and two lacerations to his liver, among other injuries.

“When my mother got to the hospital, she said the first thing I told her was ‘I am not dropping out of school!’ And I didn’t.”

Following the accident, Haumersen missed three weeks of classes in the fall of 2012. He was able to slowly return, increasing his attendance a bit at a time, first using a wheelchair and then crutches. He gave up the crutches near the end of January 2013.

"Recovering from my motorcycle accident was so tough,” he said. “My Mom actually moved up to live with me for the rest of the semester and drove me to class when I was able to return to campus. My friends and classmates brought homework to me and I did a lot of learning at home.

“My professors were extremely understanding and helpful, which I'd really like to thank them for,” he said. “MSU Engineering was the only place I applied, the only place I ever wanted to study. I kept telling myself during my recovery that I couldn't have picked a better school."

Today, Haumersen is back to an active life of soccer, hockey and planning a professional career that starts with a full-time engineering job at the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, located just 10 minutes from his home in St. Joseph.

"I couldn't have gotten through this without my family,” he added. “This means more to me than they'll ever know."

Haumersen is the son of Johannes and Karen Haumersen of St. Joseph, Mich., and is a 2009 graduate of St. Joseph High School.


College of Engineering Graduates, December 2013

Applied Engineering Sciences
Total: 16; Undergraduate: 16

Biosystems Engineering
Total: 4; Undergraduate: 4

Chemical Engineering
Total: 19; Graduate: 9; Undergraduate: 10

Civil Engineering
Total: 28; Graduate: 9; Undergraduate: 19

Computer Engineering
Total: 10; Undergraduate: 10

Computer Science
Total: 26; Graduate: 7; Undergraduate: 19

Electrical Engineering
Total: 54; Graduate: 26; Undergraduate: 28

Engineering Mechanics
Total: 1; Graduate: 1

Environmental Engineering
Total: 5; Graduate: 4; Undergraduate: 1

Materials Science and Engineering
Total: 10; Graduate: 4; Undergraduate: 6

Mechanical Engineering
Total: 84; Graduate: 21; Undergraduate: 63

Graduate Total: 81
Undergraduate Total: 176

December total: 257