• Gas Turbine Enhancement
  • R718-Compressor Development
  • Compressor Design Tools with NURBS-Technology
  • Design Algorithms for Radial-line Blading
  • New Design Concepts
  • Manufacturing Technologies

R718 - Water as Refrigerant

  • Benefits and Applications
  • Cycle Enhancement
  • New System Concepts and Design
  • Implementation and Testing

"Green Energy"

R718 Turbo Chiller

Wave Rotors
  • Topping Gas Turbines
  • Micro Fabricated Wave Rotors
  • Supercharging IC Engines
  • Condensing Wave Rotors

Micro Fabricated Gas Turbines

Micro Energy Systems
  • Power MEMS
  • Micro Heatexchanger
  • Ultra-Micro Wave Rotors
  • Pressure Waves & Shocks
     in Micro Channels

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