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Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24 Download - Final Free Version


HRD Version 5.24.38 (Final Release) Release Date: October, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.36 Release Date: August, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.28 Release Date: July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.25 Release Date: July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.03 Release Date: July, 2012
HRD Version 5.23.12 Release Date: June, 2012
HRD Version 5.22.02 Release Date: May, 2012
HRD Version 5.21 Release Date: May, 2012
HRD Version 5.20 Release Date: April, 2012
HRD Version 5.11a Release Date: February, 2012


Ham Radio Deluxe is an Amateur Radio software suite that allows for the control of most popular Amateur Transceivers using a Computer and a Serial Interface.

In addition, Ham Radio Deluxe 5 includes a Logbook, a Digital Encoding and Decoding Program, Rotator Control, Satellite Tracking, and Mapping Software.

The following pieces of software are included in the latest free version we have available:

Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24.38 - Included Software:

  • Ham Radio Deluxe (Master Program)
  • Digital Master (Digital Modes)
  • HRD Logbook (Logbook)
  • HRD Rotator (Rotator Control)
  • HRD SatTrack (Satellite Tracker)
  • HRD Sync (Sync Data across Separate HRD Instances)
  • Mapper (Mapping Software)

This final free version of Ham Radio Deluxe was authorized for free distribution by its original developer: Simon Brown, HB9DRV.

If you enjoy the free version, please consider upgrading to the current version. (Offers Support for Recent Radios)

PLEASE NOTE: We are not affiliated with the developers of this software and make no guarantee of its effectiveness. Use at your own risk.

We host this Software for the benefit of the Amateur Radio community and do not offer support for this software.