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MSUARC is 100!

The first radio station at Michigan State University was established through the efforts of the Amateur Radio Club in 1919 using the call letters of 8YG - broadcasting weather reports and farm market prices. In 1925 8YG became WKAR, the public broadcast station of Michigan State University, while a ham radio station was formed using the call letters 8XBU. In 1927 the call 8SH was issued to the amateur radio station. Today the MSU Amateur Radio Club operatesW8SH and W8MSU from the campus in East Lansing.

Amateur Radio Centennial
Michigan State University

During this Centennial Year a major fund raising effort is being conducted. Alumni and Friends of MSU are being asked to be "One of One Hundred" and make a Centennial Donation to the MSUARC. Letters have been sent out.

If you have not received a letter and would like to participate in the "One of One Hundred" Centennial Campaign, please send an email to the club advisor - Dr. Greg Wierzba (wierzba@msu.edu).

Thank you to the following donors who have joined the Centennial Celebration of the MSUARC:

S. Joseph Levine W8JRK

Dennis Ward  KT8X

Leon Bruner NT8B

Ed Oxer W8EO

Dennis E Phillips KC8ETW

Mike Wolthuis KB8ZGL

Chuck MacCluer W8MQW

Robert W. St. John W8RSJ

Tom Hoitenga K8NGV

Peter Hansen W8TWA

Alan L. Conn W8RXY

Gary Lee Phillips K9NZI

Thomas Kennedy K8TK

Lee Ricelli WA8RNB

Stanley K. Arnett II AC8W

Karl Grunewald N8NA

Dave Clark W8DO

Frank A. Smith, M.D. K8YKC

Robert Maron K8RLM

Steve Breunling K8KF

Greg Surma K8GL

David Burdeaux WD8II

John JAN Jellema K1ND

Gene Purdum N8DKA

Allen Olender WA8IWK

Mike Naruta AA8K

Charles L. Hutchinson K8CH

Ernest Abel K8RCT

Doug Kilner KD8CLV

Alex Bonner N4DF

Mitchal Fejedelem KE8BYP

Gary Mastenbrook N8DMT

Thomas Morrison K5TM

David Willis W0RX

Thomas Drake W4IWH

William Blick W8EB

Mike Varley WK8Z

Don Karvonen K8MFO

Bruce Tanner K2BET

Fred L. Haring KF9U

Kenneth H. Musson, M.D. W8QKP

Patricia M. Musson N8HLK

Richard S. Larsen K8MW

David Sumner K1ZZ

Stefano A.M. Lassini N8USY

Rick Mason WA8VBY

Edward Cole KL7UW

Frank J. Maynard NF8M

Yasuhiro Hayashi N3KOU

Mike McPherson KQ9P

Richard L. Chambers W4GKR

Brad Voss KE8CW

Michael Shanblatt W3MAS

David J. DeVos KF8QL

John Haworth NU8M

In Memory of Scott N. Swisher III N9EMO

Reece Cole KD8VNY

Total raised so far (January 26, 2020) is:

$ 6365.00

We have exceeded our goal of $5000. Thanks for making this happen!

If you would like to stay in touch with the activities of the MSUARC, please join us at our Facebook page: